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Today I had to work at a Gospel festival at a local park. Over the course of the day, I drove my police car around watching the crowds and ensuring order was kept. Not a church going man on a regular basis, I thought this would be my opportunity to feel the holy spirit, and I almost did once, but then I realized it was just the fish I ate earlier. As we were about to leave, I was flagged dwn on a woman having convulsions. I immediately sprung into action to help this lady. Like normal, I called EMS to check them out. When they asked her what happened, she said she had found the holy spirit which caused her to flop around on the ground like a fish out of water. Remind me not to do that!

What’s this about anyway?

I am a cop…  A one legged cop to be exact.  Many moons ago I whacked the hell out of tree while riding a motorcycle and, as you could imagine, it did its fair share of damage, more specifically, taking my right leg above the knee.  I even wrote a book about it entitled, “The Serious Business of Laughing at Life.”  Follow my blog as I keep a diary of my life, some things related to being one-legged, others times about being cop, and still other times about neither.

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