The Amputee Policeman

Real talk from an 18 year cop

Partying Prosthesis

Partying Prosthesis

My Otto Bock C-Leg knows how to party with football, White Castle and beer! Party on, Garth!


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6 thoughts on “Partying Prosthesis

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine some of the crazy places that this leg has some. Up in after a night of hard partying!

  2. Kevin, just ran across your blog… I, too, had a motorcycle accident but with a Pierce Arrow hook and ladder that crossed the center line on it’s way to a picnic (i.e., no lights or siren) — I’m thinking they just wanted a little job security 🙂 . I also have a blog that I’d like to update once a week or more but am lucky to update once a month. I’ll be sure to add a link to yours… thanks for the smiles.

  3. Terri Ross on said:

    You’re gonna need that Genium after that White Castle!

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