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Such good advice for amputees who are criticized by other ones who dont want to work as hard


Loving Life After an Amputation

I just returned from a weeklong getaway to Washington DC in order for my son to see the sights and enjoy the history of our great country.  The weather was a balmy 90 degrees and the humidity was enough to make even an eskimo complain.  Despite being an amputee and knowing how sweat interacted within my socket to my stump (hate that word), I still spent my days walking the long distances between nice restaurants off the beaten path and our nations treasures.  When I needed to stop, I did, and when I found myself not wanting to walk any longer, I hailed a cab and enjoyed the AC.  But regardless of the fact that we as amputees have a life more difficult than most, I chose not to allow my amputation to dictate my trip.  I did and saw and went where I would have gone before.  More interesting though was the fact that, because of the acceptance for amputees that have swept across the country the last 10 years, I found myself less gawked at on this trip than I did the last decade altogether, despite being amongst thousands and thousands of tourist from around the globe.  A good feeling no less to ALMOST become invisible again.

If you have always desired to go on that long trip like before, but are scared to accept the challenges through fear, rest assure you should do what makes you happy and go for it!  I think you’ll actually find it less stressful than you think it will be.  Maybe I’ll even hear about it on here!  Until next time, keep your stump dry and your thirst wet.  10-8…

Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there.  For me personally, I could have no arms or legs, but as long as I love my kids and show them I care, they’ll always love me for who I am.

Perceptions Aren’t Reality

Don’t let other people’s perceptions of amputee define who you are, thus becoming your reality.  Amputees are some of the strongest, most hardcore and resilient people I have ever known, and that’s after being a Marine, playing football and having a career as a police officer.  We set the bar for every person out there who thinks they can’t overcome a problem.  Remember that in a time of doubt.


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