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As I was saying… No room for hate… Standing beside the F_ck the police sign. The irony is crazy funny!


Respect is VERY Much a Two-way Street

As I wrote, 2 days earlier, some despise Trump for his annoying and crude behavior, and then use crude and annoying behavior to protest him.  As with Trump, eventually someone has to take the high road.  Not to mention, I have more respect for an individual who can move mountains without having to tell you they can do so….


The Irony of Hating Donald Trump

Rude, direct, sarcastic, egotistical, arrogant…  These adjectives easily describe Donald Trump any time he speaks.  And I confess, even as a conservative veteran, I think he is annoying as hell.  However, as a cut throat, risk-taking, and unquestionably highly-successful businessman, those traits were what helped him to become the shark in a sea of piranha.  But as a politician, are those really the traits that Americans want the leader of the free world to possess?  Are these the characteristics that truly represent us as a society today?  My answer is yes.

Now, before you hit the back button and call me an idiot, give me one more minute.

Eight to ten years ago, we were a friendlier and gentler society.  People still cared what others thought and we as a nation still valued old fashion values unlike how The Don behaves.  But over the last decade, and especially since the explosion of social media, where people can safely hide behind their keyboards, we have become people who put ourselves first, give unsolicited opinions and pride ourselves on being “right” by carelessly speaking our minds regardless whether it offends or not!  We label musicians and professional athletes heroes while we embrace sex and violence and sarcasm any time we turn on the television.  We fight for criminals right as we ignore the victim. We take pride in the color of our skin and hate those that don’t look like us.

And in person, we act even worse.  We don’t hold doors for people anymore, teens attack the elderly, opportunists rob folks at will, we take what we want, we fight vicariously on black Friday’s, we cuss at anybody who bothers us and vow to never let another person get the best of us.  We shoot guns when angry, shoot drugs when depressed, and divorce when a marriage gets tough.  As adults, we beat up kids who be beat up ours and think nothing of causing a scene in a grocery store line.  We have become a nation full of rude, direct, sarcastic, egotistical, arrogant and annoying people. Those that support Donald Trump love him because he has the same characteristics as them, while groups like BLM and others HATE him for the very same reason; pretty ironic that people who act like Donald Trump don’t want a president who acts like them! 

But consider this, maybe in a subconscious way, we don’t like Donald Trump because he truly acts like the majority of us act on a regular basis…  Because he truly represents what our nation has become.  And what are nation has become, we don’t like how that looks. 

Maybe before we dislike The Don for his sharp, sarcastic tongue and his egotistical and arrogant attitude, perhaps we should look at ourselves in a mirror and decide if we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Or maybe Donald Trump really represents who we have become as a nation and its just that ugly.

FACT: If you were born in the United States, you are NOT an African or European American.  You ARE an American.  Got it?

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