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Even after 18 years of working as a cop in the toughest parts of Louisville, I still see things that are unexplainable….

Or as the PC police would say, “They made a bad choice.”  Which doesn’t seem to make rape, murder, robbery or burglary feel any better…

Cop Humor! True dat!


Funny Pictures in the Hood


Rings! $75.00

Because sometimes you’re force to operate with a tight advertising budget…  This has been another episode of, Funny Pictures in the Hood

Even C-Legs Watch Football on Sundays!!!


Go Denver and Seattle!!!!  I will get more of you Europeans interested in American football.

After the Midnight Shift…

My leg and me still in bed after working the midnight shift.

My leg and me still in bed after working the midnight shift.

It was a rough one last night.  I had to jump start my car three times, once in the snow, checked 200 emails and used my vast knowledge of policing to approve a huge stack of reports.  After that, I hit the doughnut shop where I got my sugar rush and then passed out at 6 this morning.  Other than the numerous water main breaks and baby-daddy drama, it was an event free night.

BTW, who…took this picture anyway?  WEIRDO!!

Tactical Training


Unbeknownst to me, my prosthetic has secretly been taking Judo classes at night!

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